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Transplant -7

I was admitted a day early to hospital for my stem cell transplant, so it’s now transplant -7, or T -7. Today has been relatively straightforward – the usual whirl of form filling, new people to get to know and an hour’s infusion of bendamustine. Tomorrow looks similar.

My room does have a view, with one aspect onto a terraced area for other cancer patients to exercise in. I say “other”, as I’m not allowed outside of my HEPA filtered, air-conditioned room when my blood counts start to fall, as they inevitably will. There’s a giant chess set on the terrace. I’m wondering if I put a large sign up in my window inviting a challenge whether I might get a game, remotely.


But I’m not very good at chess, so I’ve just started out on a “Shoestring” DVD marathon instead. Four episodes of the first series down so far. For a nearly 40 year old drama serial, it still holds up really well. It’s fun playing spot the guest star too – Stacy Dorning (from The Adventures of Black Beauty) was in the first episode, “Private Ear” and Gordon Kay in his pre “Allo Allo” days was in “Higher Ground”.

If you, my friends and readers, don’t mind I’m going to try to write something here every day until I’m released. I say released, rather than discharged, as I’m in room 6 (and coincidently have brought “The Prisoner” box set with me). Rover is just outside the door, so I’m going to have to stay put. Don’t worry if I miss a few days – I’m expecting to be pretty unwell for a while. Science says my treatment will be worth it in the end, and I feel that it will be worth it too.

Be seeing you.