Transplant -6: Horse Chestnut – all your conker are belong to us

Just to the left of the terrace is a beautiful horse chestnut tree. The leaves are on the turn and it has a bumper harvest of conkers ready to be collected soon. Squinting into the distance, it looks as if the whole of the hospital campus is ringed by them. Security must have a nightmare keeping local youths (and somewhat older lymphoma patients who should know better, ahem) from throwing things into the trees to knock them down. By the time I get out of here I think they will be just about ready. The conkers, that is. Not security. No security guards are ever ready for me. All your conker are belong to us.

So, hot tip, don’t park anywhere near them at the end of the month if you don’t want me to damage your pride and joy with my conkering sticks.

Horse chestnut – all your conker are belong to us

In other news, I’m not feeling too bad after the first round of Bendamustine yesterday. My next is scheduled for 4pm this afternoon. Blood counts are behaving themselves at the moment. Today is also poo sample day – lovely.


3 thoughts on “Transplant -6: Horse Chestnut – all your conker are belong to us

  1. Horse Chestnuts are always the first to turn for autumn and I have noticed some in the drier areas of the UK have looked ready to turn for well over a month. I guess its something to do with leaf surface area and that they are among the earliest into leaf and flower each year which means they retain least water to keep the leaves going.
    Good to hear day 1 went OK – enough sample information already


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